When you need help with your website

Your website should work for you. You want to inform your clients about your services, offer them your products through your webshop or offer them an online training.

I started making websites back in 1997, when it was just coding in HTML and blue underlined URLs. Visiting a webpage was exciting, and for those who had patience to wait for the images to load!

Nowadays, your website needs to look good on any device, and keep your visitors engaged.

Most websites now run on CMS technology, with WordPress being the market leader with over 43% of the websites running on it. But then it’s get complex, with countless themes and plugins to connect to. Which one is the best for you?

I work with WordPress on all my websites, and I can help you with adding new content, changing items or offer you a brand new website. We can connect it to a webshop like WooCommerce, and add an online training with LearnDash or another tool.

Once your website is ready, maintenance is key. I often encounter websites with outdated themes and/or plugins, making your website vulnerable for outsiders. I don’t need to tell you how dangerous that could be with a payment system connected..

When things go south, you need to be able to rely on a back-up that was made of your website. Are you making them already?

If this all sounds daunting, no worries. I can host your website and maintain it, so you can focus on the content and your business.

Responsive WAPI template with Nebu software

Reliable hosting and maintenance

Work on the content of your website

The way of working with Bent-e


I always start with an assessment. How does your current website look? For that, you need to grant me access to your website so I can take a look. After that, I’ll make a plan for you to read about my findings and my proposed plan of action.

You are in control, and together we determine when I can work on your website. I can also set up a copy of your website and work on there so you can proof the changes upfront.

It’s your website


 Additional services


My skillset is not limited to WordPress websites. Besides this, I’m a market research survey programmer. I am a quick learner and have a lot of experience with various software packages. And mostly, I’m always up for a challenge!