Bent-e credits

Looking for ad-hoc support on your Nebu project?

Sometimes I am approached by clients for specific support tasks.

Maybe you are a scripter, who is stuck on a specific scripting issue, and you need it to be fixed on short notice.

Or you’re a project manager, and your client indicates a question needs adjustment while your own team is unavailable.

Of course, when you have questions you can always reach Nebu’s Customer Care. But maybe you’re in a real hurry, or you need the work to be done outside office hours.

To ensure your project can start on time, my “Bent-e credits” are perfect for you. With these pre-paid credits, you can get my dedicated assistance on scripting, sample management, or quota related questions *. I’ll jump quickly on the case, to make sure you can continue as soon as possible.

I will charge my time per 15 minutes, and I update you after every task how much time was spend and how much time is left.

If for some reason I cannot assist you, I will redirect your question to Nebu’s customer service without any charge.

Bent-e credits

 The way of working with Bent-e


To start any project, I need to get an idea of how the survey looks. By default, a survey that needs to be scripted is sent to me as an enriched text document. That document includes all the text for the respondents to see and the so-called scripter notes that explain what needs to happen in the background.

While Nebu software offers a lot of functionality, I am able to combine that in your project. What about importing samples, setting up quotas or providing you with a new WAPI template?

 Additional services