Nebu Survey Scripting

How your survey can be scripted by an expert

Maybe you have no capacity to script the questionnaire within your team. Or the deadline is so close that you need the work to be done overnight/at the weekend.

With over 10 years of experience, your questionnaire is in capable hands. I am available on short notice to script your survey. All project types are possible: CATI, WAPI, CAWI or CAPI.

Pricing is determined by the size and complexity of the survey.

Survey Scripting with Nebu software

Let me help you scripting your project!

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The way of working with Bent-e

 Survey on paper


To start any project, I need to get an idea of how the survey looks. By default, a survey that needs to be scripted is sent to me as an enriched text document. That document includes all the text for the respondents to see and the so-called scripter notes that explain what needs to happen in the background.

The scripting is always done on your environment, so you can see the progress and have immediate access to the project once it’s ready for testing.

 On your workspace


 Additional services


While Nebu software offers a lot of functionality, I am able to combine that in your project. What about importing samples, setting up quotas or providing you with a responsive WAPI template?