Expert feedback session

Stuck on your design?

From time to time when we are scripting our Nebu questionnaires, we encounter challenges. Sometimes it’s on displaying a question properly, or sometimes we need to come up with solutions that are not available out-of-the-box within the Nebu software.

But what if you don’t see the solution? Or you scripted it correctly, but when testing it falls through?

Or maybe you have a recurring market research project. It ran fine the first time, but after 3 times copying the design and making changes, the script becomes heavy. It takes a long time to load your questionnaire and is not giving your respondents the user experience you are aiming for.

When you’re stuck on your design, you just want somebody to assess your work and see how to improve. You need a programming expert, who can offer you detailed feedback.

Bent-e credits

 How does the feedback session work?


First, I need access to your design on your server, so it needs to be available through Dub InterViewer. I also need a test link so I can walk through the survey and test it myself. While doing my assessment, I will write down some improvements that I see can be done.

After that, we will jump on a call where I walk you through the feedback while sharing my screen. Of course, I can also answer your questions during this session.

After our session, you receive a quick report with my findings.

The expert feedback session is also a great tool to get familiar with your project and assess how much time it would cost me to modify it or rescript it entirely.