Nebu scripting services

Werk je met Nebu software? Ik help marktonderzoekbureaus door het programmeren van vragenlijsten, zodat jouw marktonderzoek op tijd en goed van start gaat.

Op zoek naar een Nebu-expert om je te helpen bij jouw marktonderzoek?

Als een all-round expert van de Nebu software kan ik je op veel manieren helpen. Mijn expertise ligt bij het scripten van vragenlijsten, waarbij ik graag de uitdaging van complexe constructies programmeren aan ga.

Maar ook het beheren van het veldwerk, het runnen van jouw panel of het maken van een WAPI-template is mogelijk!

Survey Scripting with Nebu software

Vragenlijst programmeren

Jij levert mij een vragenlijst aan, en ik zorg voor de rest. Ik zal de vragenlijst programmere en testen en indien gewenst voorzien van een bijpassende responsive look & feel.

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Bent-e credits

Flexibele support

Wanneer er kleinere taken voor mij zijn om aan te werken, of wanneer het moeilijk te voorspellen is wanneer je mij nodig hebt, bied ik mijn Bent-e-credits aan.

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Expert Feedback Session

When you used the software for a while, you might have recurring surveys. However, the script gets more complex every time and it takes too much time to prepare it for a new wave. Let me assess your existing design and provide you with 3 concrete actions on how to optimize your design.

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Bente Diemer

About Bente

The life of a project manager is not always easy, especially in market research. You want to deliver on time, and your customers count on it. But sometimes you simply run out of time or people.

Often programming the questionnaire proves to be more time consuming or more complicated than originally expected. With the deadline fast approaching, stress levels rise.  Postponing the fieldwork, and as a result delaying all subsequent phases of the project is certainly not the preferred route to take.

How do you get out of stress?
I help market research agencies with programming their questionnaires in Nebu software so that your projects can always start on time and well. Happy client, happy you!

It can be arranged quickly, smartly and reliably by outsourcing such a job to an expert. So that you can spend your energy and attention on other important things. With over 10 years of experience working with Nebu software, I’m that expert you are looking for!

Does this sound interesting? Feel free to book a call with me so we can discuss your project!

Does this sound interesting?
Book a call with me so we can discuss your project!

What others say

about working with me

Maria Stenstrand
Telephone Interviewer Coach, Origo Group

During my time as a telephone interviewer coach I was in contact with Bente on a weekly basis.

She’d be the go to person whenever there was a glitch, a problem or a query. Always a delight to deal with, always solving whatever issues we might have (or have caused..), always engaged.
I really recommend her as a support, relating to Nebu questionnaires and programming. Her competence and skill, together with a great personality, is a winner.

I highly recommend Bente for her scripting services.

We worked together on a project with a tough deadline, and she managed to deliver the project mistake-free on time. What more can you ask for – 5 stars!!!

Navid Tabrizi
Chief Executive Officer, inITova

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Alex Ispas
Chief Business Development Officer, Bambus Group

Bente provided her help on a very short notice in a project that was on the brink of its deadline.

Equipped with skills in scripting, manage time efficiently, understand tasks at hand very quickly, Bente proved herself very productive and helped us finish a crucial project within the given time. We are very satisfied with her work quality, adding here her great communication and teamwork skills.
I would highly recommend Bente to assist or take charge of any important project on her field. With her commitment and hard work, she would be an added value to any company aiming to achieve its goals and I’d love to have her in my team.