Why Nebu survey is easier to use for data collection

Do you know how the survey is offered to the target population in the market research? You design a survey that many customers choose not to respond to. But why people don’t want to participate, and you might reach conclusions such as the survey takes too much effort or that the incentive for participation is not appealing to respondents.

Survey is part of art and science

There is a sense that consumers have lots to say about products and services, but they are so bored by surveys that they won’t participate.

Regardless of what tool you use, writing a survey is part of art and science. Every word matters. Every combination of phrases matters. Question flow matters. Any of these mistakes can send your organization down the wrong path with the results because of bias and poor survey design.

You have to admit your survey tool will not help with this. You’ll be able to rent the platform to write the survey questions for your online or email survey. Still, there will be minimal (if any) consultation from the technical team of the platform. Remember, the platform customer service revolves around fixing problems, issues, and tech support, not survey design consultation or advice.

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Not comprehensive is one of the biggest downfalls of other platforms that your organization will not learn about until after you’ve already jumped in. Choosing a market research software allows you to access the expertise of the team, survey design, and advanced tools.

Without a background, education, or training in market research you’re very easy to write a survey question that will impact results incorrectly. Mainly if you are collecting feedback or satisfaction ratings on your organization, if respondents know they are sending feedback directly to the survey sponsor, they may not be 100% honest or real with their suggestions.

Nebu survey–keep innovative

Nebu survey is probably the most popular data collection mode. It is available anytime for respondents without the help of the interviewer. The respondent directly answers questions over an internet connection, which means – in the world of smartphones and tablets – that you have no control over the device respondents use. We believe that with the world being mobile, you need surveys that reach to the device. That is why our aim to help you to create responsive questionnaires easily.

The other key element of an online or mobile survey is gamification. “Gamification” is the process of using game mechanics and game-oriented thinking in non-game contexts to engage audiences and solve problems. It would help if you made sure that respondents won’t drop out when you have a lengthy and – let’s admit it – tedious questionnaire. We understand that it is not easy, but we are here to help you to make your questionnaire engaging and fancy!

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