Nebu software tell you how to make efficient market research in 2020

Are you using a market research method to manage the risks associated with releasing new products and services? Yes, you are doing that all the time,because you don’t want to waste too much money to develop a product line that research indicates will be unsuccessful. If you use a well-designed and well-executed marketing study, it can go a long way towards identifying consumer tastes and demographic preferences to help with a product launch.

Don’t worry about the technology

Most of you mentioned the methodologies of market research as one of the biggest challenges you are facing. You probably use social media for data collection and analysis. But this type of data is clunky, messy, and full of garbage. You will find that there is no way to quantify the qualitative insights.

Besides, big data has become a buzzword, and every client wants market researchers to do something with it. However, even you are beginning to perceive that no one knows how to handle big data best.

You probably came across more problems occurring with market research. Nebu software has been solving these problems to avoid making the market research overly costly and producing results of questionable value for the organization.

Make your work easy

We all know that respondents are a mandatory part of the Market Research process, and finding the right sample for your research is the key. But it’s also necessary for market research companies to be able to manage samples. Nebu software has a convenient tool to easily and quickly check the sample of your project, or export the overview to an Excel sheet.

Within Nebu software, you can design a questionnaire that will look good on any device (desktop, tablet, mobile phone). We have an online survey for you. If you have some more time, we will show you all the question types of a demo. Then you will know the options with Nebu: basic functionalities, plugins, and helper scripts.

For over 27 years, Nebu has been offering the most potent and flexible CATI system; these days, Nebu has extended its offering to provide clients with software to support the complete chain of marketing research from collecting through managing to utilize all primary and secondary data.

Except for the Dub interviewer, we also introduced Nebu Data Hub and Nebu Reporter over the last years. Nebu’s offering has significantly strengthened. We broadened our focus from solely delivering a reliable data collection tool to a new, much more lavish suite of applications.

We provide a full scope of data processing, like our paradigm described, “Collect – Manage – Utilize.” To help understand what that means, we have set up a demo use case. Based on an international coffee brand awareness study, we present how to use Nebu Data Suite tools to build a SMART marketing research flow. A smooth, great looking, fully integrated, and automated research flow: from survey programming through managing sample and quota, data processing, visualizing the results, creating dashboards, and building up a panel for future research.

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