The secret of Dub InterViewer standing out in the market

When it comes to choosing market research tools, there are several factors at play. You’ll need to assess what type of surveys you want to send, which tools are robust enough to meet your needs, as well as what analytics are provided.

Good tools triple your work efficiency

A robust data collection tool can enable you to gather high-quality data and populate sophisticated quotas. It will be advantageous to interpret all data instantly. Whether your organization focuses on interviewing via CATI, CAPI, or WAPI/CAWI or a mixture of these methodologies, Dub InterViewer does the trick. 

Dub InterViewer is very robust, and offers online surveys or offline surveys on “mobile” devices such as smartphones and tablets. Some of its features are so unique that you don’t find them in any other software out there. 

The ease with which you can conduct international surveys with multiple languages is brilliant, for Dub InterViewer offers the functionality to quickly translate surveys. Another compelling and hugely robust and secure feature is the Sample and Project Management suite, which Nebu provides. It is very user-friendly and is so fun to use that project management becomes a smooth walk. 

Why Dub InterViewer

With Dub InterViewer, you have various tools at hand, such as testing the quality of the survey, managing panel records, distribution of honorarium/incentives to panelists, ease of updating panel websites, and templates. It keeps ahead of other competitors in the market.

If you need any support for the Nebu software, the customer service is available online and via phone. Nebu Customer Care is very prompt in helping with any issue, whether technical or requiring attention towards management. Nebu Customer Care has the best of people with support from native English, German, Hungarian and Dutch employees.

Suppose you are a market research firm that guides surveys for large companies. It’s essential that you have high-quality software, which can handle elaborate questionnaires with all sorts of skips, rotations, blocks, expressions, etc. And it would help if you also had continuous support and the ease of mind that the server can handle the many requests. You can find all these features in the solutions that Nebu offers.

If for some reason, something seems not possible, there are often work-arounds available. Programming experts like Bent-e can offer these work-arounds.The market is changing more than ever, and new tools pop up almost every day. Still, Nebu has found a way to innovate their software continuously.

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