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The life of a project manager is not always easy, especially in market research. You want to deliver on time, and your customers count on it. But sometimes you simply run out of time or people.

Often programming the questionnaire proves to be more time consuming or more complicated than originally expected. With the deadline fast approaching, stress levels rise.  Postponing the fieldwork, and as a result, delaying all subsequent phases of the project is certainly not the preferred route to take.

Bente Diemer

 How do you get out of stress?

I help market research agencies with programming their questionnaires in Nebu software so that your projects can always start on time and well. Happy client, happy you!

It can be arranged quickly, smartly and reliably by outsourcing such a job to an expert. So that you can spend your energy and attention on other important things. With over 10 years of experience working with Nebu software, I’m that expert you are looking for!

I have used the software as a Nebu client for 5 years, trained others on how to use the software, developed some functionality still existing today and have run projects for over 8 years.

Ever since I was a little girl, I was drawn to computers. My father was a programmer so I cannot remember not having a computer.

Playing games with my big brother was great fun, but I also really liked to “type documents”. Being so interested in computers was definitely not a common thing at that time, especially for girls at such a young age!

At school, I was the first to hand in typed reports. I remember spending hours tweaking on my reports to have an index and include clipart images. The absolute highlight was programming my first HTML webpage in 1997, together with my father.

IT, I love it!


My first office job


While always interested in computers, I was fortunate to land a side job as a data-entry worker. I immediately loved the atmosphere of the office space. My computer talents were quickly recognized by my supervisor, and within a week I moved to another desk to get rid of the backlog of work there. I loved working at an office, while I was not even 16 years old!

Fast forward to 2011, I started working full-time as a panel manager at the Operations department of a market research company. There I was introduced to the Nebu software, and my drive to learn resulted in deep-diving of all the ins and outs.

Due to a move across the country, I had to change jobs. I could not believe my luck: Nebu asked me to apply as a job for Trainer. With my 5 years of experience as a client and expert user of the software, I was hired and got the opportunity to travel the world to train new clients. With the arrival of my son, I switched jobs to Product Manager, where I was involved in software development. It gave me a new perspective on the software.

Eventually, I found myself again in an Operations department, now in the role of Technical Account Manager. Besides assisting the Customer Care team with tickets mostly related to scripting, I work exclusively with a number of clients by setting up and running their projects from A to Z. So on a daily basis, I am busy with project management, scripting, sample management, fieldwork support, templates, and invitations.

NEBU Software

My passion is to help clients with their market research projects, by providing the best solutions available.

Bente Diemer coffee

The launch of Bent-e

In 2012, I was asked to script a questionnaire outside of office hours.  Bent-e was born! While keeping the company, I had a project now and then.
But in 2019, I realized that I would like to help more market research agencies with my skills and my vast experience with the Nebu software.

With over 10 years of experience in the market research industry, I know how challenging it can be to run a project.

Market research is not only about asking the right questions but also about a smart design of your survey and an optimized way of running your fieldwork. And of course, processing the collected data so you can report the results.

Using the Nebu software, I’m the expert you need to launch your survey on time and well. While specialized in programming, there are many ways I can help you.

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