While updating my LinkedIn profile, I realized it was time for celebration: 14 years working with the Nebu software! ?

In June 2006, I started working at USP Marketing Consultancy, as a panel manager with Dub Knowledge, the panel application from Nebu. I loved keeping everything organized, updating the website, and help my colleagues to do the research with our panelists.

But once I started programming my first survey with Dub InterViewer, I was hooked. And without any formal training, I learned all ins and out of the software, just by doing.

The ability to analyze situations and finding solutions by just trying out, has proven to be beneficial when I started working at Nebu in 2011. First as a Trainer, then as Product Manager and eventually in the role of Technical Account Manager. I this role, I support the Customer Care, but mostly work on Managed Services. These are clients not using the software themselves. It means that I script the surveys for them, run the fieldwork, and deliver the results. At the moment, I’m managing over 50 questionnaires!

While my career progressed, Nebu evolved as well, with new applications such as Nebu Reporter and the Nebu Data Hub, which I worked extensively on as part of the Professional Services team. In this small team, we create custom solutions for clients, mostly based on automated processes. For example, the automated import of respondents, sending invites, and reminders at specific intervals and daily delivery of the data, or visualizing it with a dashboard. Also exciting to see is that the next generation of interviewer and panel software is being built at Nebu. Can’t wait for that!

Although I love helping clients and colleagues on a daily basis, I’m most passionate about programming (complex) questionnaires with the Nebu software. That’s why in 2012, I started my own company: Bent-e. Besides working full-time and raising 2 little kids it has been challenging but most rewarding: I helped 20 clients worldwide, from small tasks to massive studies. All with Nebu software! Some highlights to mention are a project about cars in 60 languages, a conjoint analysis study about insurance and recently a huge study about wages on the work floor. 

While I’m not the type to celebrate abundantly, I decided to treat myself with a cup of coffee to celebrate my 14 years with the Nebu software. Next goal: 25 clients for Bent-e!

Do you remember to celebrate your successes?