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Nebu scripting services

Solve your complicated scripting issues in no time with a Nebu expert in market research

Need assistance with your market research project?

As an all-round expert of the Nebu software, I can help you in a lot of ways. My expertise is with scripting, where I like the challenge of complex constructions. However, I’m able to help you with other aspects of your project as well.

Perfect when you feel your Nebu survey can be improved, but are unsure on the strategy.

Perfect when you feel your Nebu survey can be improved, but are unsure on the strategy.


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about Bente

About Bente

The life of a project manager is not always easy, especially in market research. You want to deliver on time, and your customers count on it. But sometimes you simply run out of time or people.

Often programming the questionnaire proves to be more time consuming or more complicated than originally expected. With the deadline fast approaching, stress levels rise.  Postponing the fieldwork, and as a result delaying all subsequent phases of the project is certainly not the preferred route to take.

How do you get out of stress?
I help market research agencies with programming their questionnaires in Nebu software so that your projects can always start on time and well. Happy client, happy you!

It can be arranged quickly, smartly and reliably by outsourcing such a job to an expert. So that you can spend your energy and attention on other important things. With over 10 years of experience working with Nebu software, I’m that expert you are looking for!

Does this sound interesting? Feel free to book a call with me so we can discuss your project!

LinkedIn Recommendation

5.0 rating
24 May 2020

During my time as a telephone interviewer coach I was in contact with Bente on a weekly basis.
She’d be the go to person whenever there was a glitch, a problem or a query. Always a delight to deal with, always solving whatever issues we might have (or have caused..), always engaged.
I really recommend her as a support, relating to Nebu questionnaires and programming. Her competence and skill, together with a great personality, is a winner.

Maria Stenstrand (Origo Group)